Adventures in geekdom

16 Oct 2020

GitHub Codespaces Experience

I gave GitHub Codespaces a try on my iPad Pro with an Apple Smart Keyboard Folio... It didn't go well. =/
06 Oct 2020

Rust on PX-HER0 - Part 2

Continuing with running Rust on the PX-HER0. In this post I start reading button inputs as well as starting an abstraction layer to make working with buttons and LEDs easier.
04 Oct 2020

Rust on PX-HER0 - Part 1

The PX-HER0 is an STM32-based board designed for learning embedded development. Since I've been so interested in this area for a long time I decided to pick one up and get Rust running on it!
25 Jul 2020

Yes, Let's Talk About Mental Health.

This entry was originally one I posted on my work blog in response to someone posting a blog post titled "Let's Talk About Mental Health..." to their own work blog. It talked about their struggle with depression and I was really moved by seeing someone being open about their own mental health issues. I think it's important to be open about the topic, so I started writing a comment on their post about my own experiences. As I was writing it, though, I realized it was getting long and I should just post it to my own blog because I didn't want to distract from theirs.
10 Jul 2020


Wow... So it's... Uh... Been a LONG TIME! For a long time I've felt like I don't have anything worth posting here but recently I've had a few ideas for some blog posts and I feel like I'm finally in a place where I have the motivation to actually write them. A lot of it came from depression and how that wrecks people, but now I'm taking steps to make that better (more on that to come).