Adventures in geekdom

17 Mar 2013

Run ASP.Net MVC4 on Ubuntu 12.10

There are a number of web frameworks that are quite popular these days (Rails for Ruby, Django for Python, Yii or a numb...
14 Jan 2013

Chromium Embedded Framework 3 - Bare Bones

Update (2014-08-23): I have a few updated notes I’ve included at the bottom of this article. “The Chromium E...
14 Jan 2013

aphboard Up and Running

After hours and hours of work, I finally have something tangible to show for it! I’ve had to change my target devi...
31 Dec 2012

Yet Another New Project

In typical Erik fashion, I’ve found yet another project I want to do. For Christmas my parents gave me a 26”...
24 Dec 2012

Making Music with the Pi

Soooo… I’ve already found another project I’d like to work on. Some time ago I saw a video of someone...