Adventures in geekdom

10 Jul 2020


Wow... So it's... Uh... Been a LONG TIME! For a long time I've felt like I don't have anything worth posting here but recently I've had a few ideas for some blog posts and I feel like I'm finally in a place where I have the motivation to actually write them. A lot of it came from depression and how that wrecks people, but now I'm taking steps to make that better (more on that to come).
26 Aug 2014

Schmoylent - Day 2

Today was the real test of whether a Soylent/Schmoylent-based diet would work for me. I made it through yesterday just fine, but today was the first day I went to the gym after having Schmoylent throughout the day.
25 Aug 2014

Schmoylent - Day 1

My Schmoylent arrived a little earlier than I expected! I was relentlessly refreshing the tracking page for the package and mid-day Saturday (today is Monday if you're from the future) it updated that it had been delivered. On my way to my guitar lesson I stopped by the management office where the package had been dropped off, excited to get home and see what was inside.
22 Aug 2014

Soylent, Schmoylent

"Buh...? Wha...?" you may be thinking. No I'm not talking about the people version. I'm talking about the one that was successfully crowd-funded in June of 2013. This Soylent. If you're not familiar with it, it's basically an engineered food. Unlike other "meal replacement" shakes from "health food" companies, this one is designed to give you 100% of your daily nutrients so not only can you replace a meal here and there but you can also replace ALL your meals!
17 Mar 2013

Run ASP.Net MVC4 on Ubuntu 12.10

There are a number of web frameworks that are quite popular these days Rails for Ruby, Django for Python, Yii or a number of others for PHP) but I have to say that even after working with all of those, ASP.NET MVC is probably my favorite. I've been writing C# for a number of years and have worked with ASP in everything from classic ASP in vbscript, to WebForms in C# and VB.Net and now to .Net MVC in C#. I've also been using Linux as a server platform for many years and I'm of the (possibly controversial) opinion that unless it's *NIX, it doesn't belong on a server. I've maintained Windows servers and I know how to do it, I just think there's too much that the GUI and Registry try to hide from you in Windows. Give me /etc/ any day!