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26 Aug 2014

Schmoylent - Day 2

Today was the real test of whether a Soylent/Schmoylent-based diet would work for me. I made it through yesterday just fine, but today was the first day I went to the gym after having Schmoylent throughout the day.

After my experience with my breakfast bottle yesterday and getting hungry earlier than I wanted, I tried to slow it down today. Since I was having my left-overs from yesterday I ended up having more for breakfast than I did yesterday so I’m not quite sure if my experience today was due to that or because I drank it at a more even pace. I finished the bottle around 1pm or so and by 2pm I was starting to get hungry again. Even though I’m OK with the regular flavor of Schmoylent I decided I wanted to give the PB2 option a try.

Since I didn’t have the foresight to order the PB2 before I needed it, I had to run out to the store during my lunch time to get it. I tried at the Fresh Market near me, but they don’t carry it. They did, however, recommend checking the Health Hut as an option. I found that not only did they have the normal flavor, they also had a chocolate peanut butter version! I got one of each flavor and added the chocolate one in my lunch bottle. At first I tried half a serving (1 Tbsp) but it wasn’t enough to taste the peanut butter, so I added a second. After that… WOW! It was incredible! It was like drinking peanut butter, which is a good thing if you like peanut butter like I do. I don’t think there’s any way I would have the regular flavor after having it with the PB2, it’s almost like having dessert for your meal. I did have an issue with the powder not mixing with the already-mixed Schmoylent, but once I added a blender ball it seemed to even it out just fine. Hopefully when I add the PB2 while I’m mixing the initial batch later tonight it will distribute evenly throughout the pitcher (note from later in the note: it didn’t, I ended up putting a blender ball in as well but I think I’ll need to do some mixing once I put it in the blender bottles anyway). It will add an additional 135 calories per day, but considering my size and that the base Schmoylent is only 2100 I don’t think it will be a problem. One problem I did have while out shopping, though, was that I was hungry at the time (a no-no I’ve heard) and really wanted to pick up some cheese curds. Thanks to you, anonymous blog visitor, I was able to keep my craving in check! I decided that it wouldn’t be a good test of how well Schmoylent worked for me if I was snacking during the day, especially with someone else “watching” me.

I ended up drinking my lunch bottle (I just realized by saying that I might sound like I’m feeding a baby) slower than yesterday and finished it right before I went to the gym at 6:30pm. I was feeling weaker than normal and I lacked energy, but I remembered that other times I’ve felt that way have been some of my best days at the gym. I had my normal 2.5 scoops of C4 Green Apple and by the time I got to the gym I was feeling a little closer to normal. After I’d warmed up and my mind wandered from how I felt I was able to get an OK workout in. I didn’t have the strength I normally do, but I was talking with my trainer about it and he mentioned that making such a drastic change in my diet along with the additional cardio I’m doing (I’m trying to do 10-15 minutes on my rowing machine per day) that it’s pretty normal. I figured it would take some time for my body to get used to it, so I’m not too worried.

After talking with my trainer at the gym today about how I felt we decided that it would be OK to suppliment the Schmoylent with additional food if I felt the need. Since I have a skillet (eggs, sausage, peppers, onions, etc) after the gym sometimes and I was craving eggs, in addition to my dinner bottle of Soylent I ended up having a carton of Southwestern Style Egg Beaters (9 servings, 180 calories) with some Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Sauce on top for flavor. I probably didn’t need the Schmoylent after having the eggs because I felt full, but I ran into a problem that I hadn’t thought of originally when I planned on my Soylent diet. If I skip a meal I end up having extra Schmoylent, which carries over to the next day and leads to extra that day as well. You’re supposed to consume it within 2 days after preparing it, so I can’t just leave it sitting in my fridge until I only need one serving. I’m sure I’ll figure out the logistics of it, it’s just something I hadn’t thought of before.

In the coming days and weeks I probably won’t be posting daily about my experiences because, frankly, it would be pretty boring and repetitive. I plan on posting a summary at least every week for the first month and maybe follow-ups after that, but I’ll only have a post for a specific day if there’s something really exceptional about it.

In related news, still no gas! So… that’s a good thing.