Adventures in geekdom

17 Dec 2012


I've learned to solder! OK, maybe I already had an idea of how to solder and have done a (very) small amount if it in the past but I'm learning to do it correctly. I picked up a nice iron (Weller WES51) with adjustable temperatures, swappable tips and a holder and it definitely makes a huge difference from the el cheapo I had before.
15 Dec 2012

Switching OS Tech

I've decided to try and change up the tech I'm using for my OS. Originally I thought I wanted to use C (possibly C++) and clang to write the OS, but I think I'd rather try to write it in Go instead. I ported my StarCraft II replay library Zamara to Go (go.Zamara) and had a bunch of fun doing it. I don't think I've had as much fun working with a language since C# originally grew on me (I hated it at first).
28 Nov 2012

It Begins...

Sooooooooooo... For a long time now I've wanted to write an operating system. I started a couple times but the furthest I've gotten was just booting into an infinite loop that displayed some text at a static location on the screen. No processes, no entry, no nothing.