Adventures in geekdom

Hey! I’m Kristin!

I love coding and learning/experiencing new things! I’m a huge geek, nerd, 👩‍💻, etc and love everything about it! I’m most interested in moving bits around at the lowest levels, whether they’re over networks or a system bus.

About me:

  • 😄 Pronouns: she/her
  • 💜 Favorite languages: Rust, Go, C#, Python
  • 💻 Exciting tech: Kubernetes, RISC-V, FPGAs, WASM
  • 🌱 Learning: Embedded Rust, RISC-V, FPGAs
  • 🤔 Intrigued by: Pony, Crystal, WASM
  • 💬 Ask me about: Anything! I love mentoring people 👩‍🏫, especially when it’s a topic I’m passionate about (though I am a total introvert so sometimes I need some down time).
  • 📫 Contact me: Twitter (@aphistic)
  • 📖 My blog: https://me.kxd.dev